Gulets For Sale

Gulets For SaleKetch rigged or steel hull gulets are much stronger than wooden gulets. Steel hull gulets have nice advantageous maintenance cost in comparison with the wooden ones.

On the other hand, the classical gulets whose hulls are built out of epoxy laminated wood are warmer and interesting and they are also of majestic exteriors. Bodrum Gulets For Sale

In fact, the wooden gulets have less space than that of the steel gulets. Turkish gulets for sale are more relaxing and much more superior to the wooden ones.

Anyways, you can see the prices and the features of our gulet for sale portfolio, so that you can choose in dependence on and in accordance with your budget. gulet building Bodrum

Gulets For Sale

Steel hull construction has been so popular nowadays. This is because of its strength, durability, easiness of maintenance.

All of these have increased the requests for gulets for sale building and construction.

Our boatyards in Istanbul, Fethiye, and Bodrum have been so popular throughout the world of marine industry.

We have achieved hundreds of successful sales around the world since we are the country who first built such kinds of luxury motor sailers.

Gulets For SaleWhen puzzled or confused, contact us via our email address or via our telephone number to make everything clear for you.

Moreover, we can help you locate your luxury gulet for sale with the features you have in mind in case you thoroughly search our portfolio but still do not find your exact gulets for sale.