Gulet building in Bodrum

Gulet Building Bodrum

Gulets building Bodrum

For Gulet building Bodrum mother nature has created the ultimate material which is called the wood, Wood is the absolute material for a classic gulet building Bodrum, not just because it’s traditional. but wood is durable, strong, and simply beautiful.

Great to live on it feels solid and safe. Most experienced sailors will tell you that no other material can beat the feel and ambiance of a wooden boat.

These are certainly romantic reasons, but there are very good and practical reasons for choosing wood as a hull construction material such as.

Gulets building Bodrum

The Wood is high in tensile strength, durable, workable, and combines stiffness with lightweight in a way that is structurally efficient than just about any other material, including high-tech laminates. gulet building Bodrum.

Mechanically and physically it’s simply right for boats and that is why we have been building Gulets out of wood since the beginning of yacht building Bodrum.

Steel or aluminum hulls are also very strong, have many advantages, and are better materials for certain vessels, but they carry the little charm and lots of vibrations.

In the long term steel will corrode and aluminum will oxidize and plenty of maintenance and care is required. gulet building Bodrum

Fiberglass boats need less maintenance and when first invented, people thought that it might be a miraculous material.

Gulets building Bodrum

Unfortunately, they were wrong. A fiberglass hull weakens over time, water penetrates the layers by osmosis, spider cracks form over the glass, on impact with a harder material it will shatter, it is difficult to repair and unpleasant to work with. With the right type of wood and proper maintenance, the well-built wooden boat lasts longer than its fiberglass counterparts.

Gulet Building Bodrum

This is because wood is able to absorb and release water so a wooden boat will actually get less condensation and dampness in it than a fiberglass one. Furthermore, thanks to today’s technology wooden boats are less maintenance intensive than they used to be.
A longer life span is just one of the reasons that also makes a well-built wooden boat the more environmentally-friendly choice.

Today’s consumer culture uses wood in products with no lifespan, cheap furniture that lasts for a few years before getting dumped into the garbage. A well-maintained wooden boat lasts for many decades.

Time enough to renew the resource. Furthermore, other materials used for building boats, steel or aluminum, for example, are not renewable resources and, unlike fiberglass, wood is biodegradable so that a sunken or disposed of a wooden boat is not as damaging to the environment as other materials.

Turkish boatyards here in Bodrum are importing some of the world’s best hardwoods.

Such as Teak, Ebony, Mahogany, or Iroko, and these are one of the most exceptionally naturally durable hardwood species in the world. Other woods used in the construction include Burmese Teak.

Undoubtedly, the world’s most valuable and versatile hardwood has properties that make it the only wood that is ideally suited for the construction of the wooden deck of a boat. gulet building Bodrum

Building The Gulet Hull, In terms of the method of construction itself, the wooden boatbuilding tradition strongly favors carvel planking in which a smooth hull is formed by wooden planks attached to a frame.

for the hull structure the planking and the frames and stringers are carefully selected for only the longest pieces, defect free and quarter sawn.

Then the thickness of the planking, the size and spacing of the frames, the stringers, the quality of the workmanship, the symmetry of construction, and the strength of the stainless steel fastenings, all contributing to create an exceptionally strong and durable hull. The keel is 50cm x 55cm x 22meters in epoxy laminated mahogany as one piece,

The keelson is 30cm x 25cm
The planking thickness is 7cm at the bottom hull and 6cm at the turn of the bilge and 5cm for the topsides
The internal stringers extend from keelson to deck, are 20cm x 12cm, and spaced at 20cm intervals.
Each frame is construed of 2 pieces, each 15cm thick by 10cm wide, bolted together with a minimum of 50 cm overlap where joined.

The stem is formed by a 30cm x 30cm solid piece of Belian, supported by a timber knee off the stem that has a rake of 62 degrees. The spirit is boxed with a stainless steel band at the stem, All fastenings and bolts are 304 stainless steel material. gulet building Bodrum

The most important factor in the design is the stability and the calculations made by our naval architect, and stability experiments carried out afloat indicate positive stability of 92 degrees, which means that the ship will right itself even if it is heeled completely on its sides gulet building Bodrum.

This is well in excess of most commercial vessels.
Another factor to consider is speed and, while Bodrum Gulets are a classic design, built with the hardest and heaviest hardwoods, in reality, they sail at a top speed of 14 knots and with their twin engines will reach speeds of 12 knots at an average speed of 8 knots when run under a more economical power This is coupled with an 8000-liter fuel capacity that gives Bodrum Gulets a range of approx 2000 nautical miles on motor alone more than sufficient for long-range cruising. gulet building Bodrum.

Inside, the classic feel of a rich timber interior accompanies beautiful cabins, each with ensuite bathrooms, air-conditioned and all the comforts you can expect of a modern luxury yacht, hot showers, electric toilets, freshwater maker by reverse osmosis, satellite navigation, internet, and water sports facilities, tenders, and toys. gulet building Bodrum
Everything you need for an idyllic cruising holiday in Turkey and the Greek islands.